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IPTV Frequently Asked Questions and Hints
The Video player should be set to MX Player in Player Selection in settings.
If the Guide is not showing the correct show at the correct time, you may have to change the TV Guide Time Shift in Settings.   
You may want to set Auto-Update Channels and VOD daily to enable in Settings.

Your first month with our service is limited to a 30 day subscription with 1 Connection {ie trial period} this is done because the service is not perfect, darn good but not perfect and there are NO refunds. So if you try it for 30 days and are not satisfied, it was a cheap trial and no harm done. If you are satisfied, you are welcome to purchase a longer subscription. We prefer happy customers.
You will receive one email shortly after the account is setup with your account info and date service is paid through, it is your responsibility to renew before that date to avoid an automated loss of service.
What do I need to do to get started up with NexGen Pro Live?
A.  You must have an approved Android TV box such as NexGenTV; you must have internet service with speed of 10Mbps or better. You must fill in and send the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Live Tv Package page. You will be contacted for Payment and Account setup information. You will be given a Download Page to get the APK needed, you will need to copy it to a USB Drive and insert the drive into the NexGenTV box, and we can log into your box and install it for you at this point. Alternatively you may meet with us at a show to setup most of this or mail in your box for us to setup.
How do I make a Favorite Channel List?
A. When you are in the channel line up, long click {hold ok a second} on the channel you wish to add, then arrow down to "add to favorites" and click ok.
How do I turn it off or exit "NexGen Pro Live App"?
A. Click Return button repeatedly until out of the app.  
Can I use a VPN with NexGen Pro Live?
A. No, it will not work.
If a Channel is not working correctly should I report it?
A. NO. There is someone monitoring the channels at all times and it will be fixed as soon as possible.  
How do I switch from the current show?
A. Simply hit the Return button on your remote.
Do we support Mag Devices?
A. NO.  
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